Lethal Inflection


* written ROUGHLY (pun intended) circa 2003

** reappropriated and redirected at my flesh (deeds of the body) which I am meant to mortify… I am truly a work in progress, HALLELUJAH!  I’m not what I was then and won’t be what I am now:

I’m so wise it seems
When I devise a scheme,
That you guys will scream for your tutors.
You’ll despise the means
That I provide so clean
When I divide your dreams from your future.

I sow gifts in rhymes
That throw rifts in time –
You’ll rewind your mind trying to catch ‘em.
But you’re so dense at times
You throw bricks at lines
Trying to combine your finds from one session.

I’m regal in sessions.
My lethal inflections
Are reasonable lessons for the lame.
In my illegal possession,
Pens are diesel weapons.
I put needle injections in your brain.

I flow deeply inclined.
You’re so weak in the mind,
I keep lines aligned with steroids.
Listening to me gets you cut.
But it wizens your penis and nuts…
When I apply my might, you’re par’noid.

Your decline in size
Is a science I devised.
Provided designed to custom fit you.
My routine is mean.
It shoots pristine and keen –
Why supply a shot if it doesn’t hit you?

A unit of fluid,
And you’re a fruitless eunuch.
My serum’s the truest of virility.
Your manhood is useless
Under my influence
As my fluid’s disprove men’s sterility.

He who hears is blessed.
He who fears, respects.
He who jeers is beset with written fire.
He who tears is wet
From coming near my set –
My flow merely begets your vivid mire.

My motives are morbid.
High doses are poison.
My flow is assorted with harmful topics.
It’s ingested torment
If you test it dormant…
As I formed it with pure carnal toxins.

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i am that HE IS


REAL ‪faith‬ is an endowment given to man of God’s belief in Himself.

Thus, we see the quote ‪’‎I AM that I AM‬. God spoke this to Moses to relay to the Israelites and Pharaoh concerning 1) Who sent him and 2) Who would accomplish the things they would bear witness to in Egypt.

We’ve got it twisted. Stop believing in yourself. ‪BELIEVE in God‬ and what HE can do THROUGH you.

‘And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM : and he said , Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.’ - Exodus 3:14



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The Silent Response Treatment

Untitled (1)

I love my son because he is truly a mirror reflection of me.  Rather, he reflects many of my habits as a relational son to a relational, relevant, revelatory and Heavenly Father.

When he was first born, I used to think he merely looked like me.

But he hears like me.  He reacts to instruction like me.  He needs to be reprimanded like me.

He needs love from a father like me.

He needs second chances (plural!) to get it right like me.  He needs to be heard like me.  He needs encouragement like me.

Yet, just as equally, he is teaching me to be teachable like he is – for surely, unless I make myself as unto a child, I will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3-4).

This entire entry is based on the truths of these be-altitudes.  Over the weekend, he demonstrated a simple and effective way to increase our line of communication.

As parents often do, I had shouted an instruction to him from upstairs… and in a typical response from someone half a house away, his comprehension was clouded by the distance between us.

What he did to gain clarification was inspiring, though.  He positioned himself closer to and made eye contact with me then confessed what he was doing that had prevented him from listening to what I’d said.

Our house’s acoustics can make it easy for words to be lost but imagine how that’s amplified between heaven and earth when the Lord speaks to us!  Further still, imagine how much what gets lost in translation is lost because of our own position, our inability to focus on what’s being said and our outright defiance in identifying what WE were doing to prevent the message from being fully received!

My son has challenged me with his actions; and in sharing what he did, I challenge the children of God as well:  confess to our Father what it is we are/aren’t doing that prevents us from hearing and fully executing His instruction.  He is just and responsive to us to direct us to the old (the written Word) and provide us with NEW (the expressed, prophetic word) instruction regarding resources H’es already provided to remove the wax buildup in our life.  That just might explain why we have perceived Him to be silent in His response to our prayers when, in fact, we should assume He is ALWAYS speaking.



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Relegated to the Realm of Impossibility


Pay close attention to the negative confessions‬ that come out of your mouth. Specifically, the things that you say you cannot or would never be able to do – the things that seem impossible. Those negative confessions can be binding and will come from the enemy to prevent you from doing the VERY work that the Lord would have you do.

Not through your own power (for with men it is impossible) but through His (but with God all things are possible)!

‘ But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.’ - Matthew 19:26

‘I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ‘ - Philippians 4:13


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Blessed By the Best of Both Worlds


Man, Crosswalk’s article and the Christian rapper Lavyss beat me to this one!  I suppose it’s time for me to stop sitting on this topic and flesh it out.

Often times, I hear celebrities who are really not about that Christian life speaking about how God’s blessed them in their success.  You know, those who will put out an album laced with obscenities or sexual aggression that end up winning a Grammy then thank God for it in their acceptance speech.  You know, the Oprahs of the world who refuse to subscribe to Jesus being THE ONLY WAY to God as they fully subscribe to any and every “secret” to a successful life that the world has to offer…

The WORLD is blessing them.  To be more specific, the part of the world that satan rules is blessing them when they willingly take the shortcuts around dependence on God and submission to Jesus Christ as their means to an end.  The devil stupidly tried to offer the same type of power to Jesus which He was able to resist:

‘Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;  And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.  Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence , Satan: for it is written , Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.  Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold , angels came and ministered unto him.’
– Luke 4:8-11

The world kingdoms that satan offered to Jesus are the same ones I was born into.  Their reward systems have permeated my being before I ever had a chance to submit to the Lord in humility and shed these flawed approaches before they became old habits.  And to be perfectly honest, although I have known God and Jesus for a time (we go way back!), I have only recently discovered that I committed myself to God in Christ by confessing “Jesus is Lord” according to Romans 10:8-10 circa 2009.

But I’ve been blessed, though!

Undoubtedly, Matthew 5:45 rings true as to how this is possible:

“That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”

Having repented and renewed my  mind, I have done my best to shed the prideful ways I’ve had that didn’t depend on God.  I didn’t seek Him out regarding what college I would go to or what I would major in though where I went and what I studied resulted in scholarships that paid for my tuition and housing.

So now I stand before you in transition – stuck between two worlds.  I’m in the hallway that the article from Crosswalk mentioned earlier.  I have turned my back on the world.  As such, it’s blessings no longer shower upon me.  Yet, as I move into the Kingdom of God, I have retained some areas of self-will, pride and independence from the world which is causing Him to resist me.

It’s interesting to pause and note the scriptural reference here.  I did a word study on resist in James 4:6 when it mentions how God resists the proud.  In actuality, this word used here means that He resists HIMSELF which reinforces that He wants to bless us and “withhold no good thing from them that walk uprightly”   (made to be the righteousness of God IN CHRIST, see 2 Corinthians 5:21) but has to resist Himself because of the foolishness we carry into His presence.

As such, I’m in a limbo of sorts (NO… not the fabricated limbo of Catholicism!).  The world’s not blessing me anymore yet the fullness of the Lord and His spiritual blessings are being withheld in the heavens from me because of such things as pride which I’ve inherited from the world.

That’s SOME transition period!

The promotion that I know He has already set up for me….

The increase that will bless my family…

The fullness of His Spirit that will allow me to minister not only in word but in HIS POWER…

All I can say as I continue to mortify my flesh is…. Can I get a hall pass?!!


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RE: Mote Location


“Oh, the Critical Hype of a Christian”

I’m Christian: hype to
Be critical while likely

I am a hypocrite.  I am a Christian.  I am a hypo-critical Christian.   Living in the flesh yet by the spirit defines me as such.  In my recognition of this, I am doing all that I can to undo becoming a HYPE, yet overcritical Christian.

Jesus addressed this back in the day when He talked in Matthew 7 about a person who tries to remove the speck or mote from his  brother’s eye while not beholding the BEAM in his own eye.  That’s like trying to play Operation with one eye closed and an eyelash in the other!  You have to remove the eyelash in your eye and open the other if you want to effectively operate on someone else.

Yet, alas, many of us are so anxious to play the game that we jump in before fixing ourselves first.  If you were going in for surgery and the doctor who was going to operate on you had a cast on his arm, would you let him touch you?!!  HECK no!  Likewise, it is hard for someone to receive judgment from Christians in an area that they themselves have not addressed.  It is hard to take a person serious who has not yet openly judged or allowed others to judge themselves.

I observed such a flawed way of thinking in a fellow Christian of mine over Halloween.  She was on Facebook posting about how appalled she was at some of the Halloween decor that she saw in her neighborhood that clearly went beyond the threshold of “good wholesome fun” (if such a thing is possible for this “holiday”) and went off into some pretty horrific and demented lanes.  She said she was going to be sure to target those houses for Christmas – dropping off track cards and Bibles while asking them what local church they belonged to.

Yet… in another post, she was talking about how she’d taken and allowed her children to go to a haunted house called “House of Hell” that was sponsored by some group called Evil Intentions.   Huh?!!  I had to double-check the post to make sure it was coming from the same person!

But… that’s me judging her.  To remove the beam located in my eye, I’ll address my own heinous hypocrisies:

I’m quick to look down my nose at pretentious Facebook posts from people that are clearly trying to brag on the sly or garner attention… yet, I post about my children with the same thinly veiled purpose of showing off great moments in my life from time to time.

I’ve been angered by my coworkers who take multiple days off in a row… only to call out sick the next week for two days (one day for being truly sick, the other day for “mental wellness”).

I’ve been frustrated with my supervisors when they would arrive late to work habitually… only to be plagued with a season of my own lateness due to taking a later train to work; rationalizing morning prep time for my children as an excuse for taking said train that gets me in RIGHT at the start of the business day.  Rather, it would get me in at the start of the business day if it wasn’t constantly plagued with delays.

I’ve scoffed at folks riding my bumper… only to tailgate someone else as if I was at a Bears/Packers game.

I’ve chided my wife who, after being out of town for two weeks, opted to talk to me during   the brief time we have in the morning after deciding to catch up on How to Get Away with Murder  the previous night once our children were asleep…

 only to short God in my time spent with Him:  relegating our relationship to a quick half-hour of praying in the Spirit in my closet when it was convenient for me.  If that’s not bad enough, after my prayer, I didn’t even bother to be silent and wait for His response to or interpretation of whatever the Spirit had just interceded on my behalf for.

All of these instances reflect an ability that too many Christians have perfected:  judging without loving.  Each of these moments had reasons for the actions I was seeing.  Perhaps, like me, my coworker needed a mental day before returning to work after a family or personal issue.  Perhaps, like me, the person riding my bumper was trying to catch a train they were running late for.  Perhaps, like me, my supervisors had to get their children ready for work and/or were at the mercy of public transportation when they went through THEIR season of late arrivals to work.

Premature and immature judgments do not take the circumstances of the other person into consideration.  Such judgments take things at face value without caring to understand what brought a person to the point of their actions.  Such judgments forget what has lead us up to rash decisions and actions, as well.

Many times, the specks that I observe of others (with the beam lodged in my eye) are flipped on me the very next day or week… and God is quick to point out my hypocrisy to me.  I’ve been living in repentance it seems, as of late.  The good news is that as I learn to forgive myself from what I have repented from, it’s given me empathy in what I DON’T see occurring in others at the point that I observe their flesh at work.  THAT… is where love comes in as an adjustment to the judgment.  That is where the beam in my eye becomes light.

“Beams of Light”

The beam in your eye
becomes light once judgments adjust
with love in mind.

‘Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.’
– Matthew 7:5
‘For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.’
– Matthew 11:30



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The ‘Heals’ Have ‘Ayes’


* the subtitle of the first image:  God’s Forgotten Gift

What kind of king wills for his citizens to be sick? Worse still, what kind of father wills for his children to be sick?

Our Heavenly Father and KING put a provision of healing and restoration from sickness and disease into His Will… or WORD (made FLESH) which is preserved unto those saints who are heirs of salvation (“Usses”) and His promise/covenant…. and He means for us to have access to them NOW in a world that is sick – not in a Christian afterlife where sickness and disease are already absent in heaven.

Why, then would we have to ask God if it is His WILL to heal when He performed so much work to make it available to us on the Cross? Yes – we need to seek His strategy and depend on Him in humility to understand how He would have us to heal but we do not need to bother with asking “If it’s Your Will…”

To understand this, we need look no further than the relationship we have with our earthly parents and children..

As a kid, when I was sick, I would go to my mother and father and tell them I was sick with an expectation that they would take care of my needs with a specific strategy relative to what my sickness was. I didn’t ask them whether or not it was their will for them to make me better. I had a childlike faith that they would make me better.

Now that I am an adult with my own children, I refer to what I’ve seen my parents do to heal me when I was younger. When my children are congested, I remember what it looked like when my parents got the Vick’s VaporRub to put on my chest. I remember the Dimetapp. I recall pushing fluids to get me feeling better. I don’t have to call them up to ask them if it’s their will for me to use these strategies again, though. I. JUST. DO. IT.

What sense would it make to call them up and ask them if it’s okay for me to heal their grandchildren? I even have spiritual strategies to execute for healing allergies and sickle cell and things that they didn’t have permanent solutions to thanks to my Heavenly Father’s revealed strategies.

Furthermore, how would it look if I called up my parents to ask them if I can heal my children… IN MY HOUSE?!! God has given us dominion in and over the earth – sealed in us by the anointed blood of Jesus Christ and quickened by the Holy Spirit. The earth IS our house – bequeathed to us in Genesis and activated upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is flawed, lazy, bizarre and passive aggressive to ask God IF it’s His Will to heal someone who has asked us to pray for them.

When we do that, we check ourselves out of the healing process – tricking ourselves into believing that because the person wasn’t healed (due to our passive inactivity) that it was God’s Will; falsely justifying our inability and unwillingness to execute our dominion in due to fear of failure (which is a form of pride).

In posting this and taking the position that I have over the years, I know that I have alienated myself from some of my closest Christian friends.  What I am challenging is a deeply entrenched philosophy that many of us (including myself at one point) have accepted as a part of our Christian theology.  Remove yourself from theology, though – and place yourself as a child in a relationship with a Heavenly Father Who, being love, has loved you and wanted to care for you since BEFORE you were born into sin.  A Father Who expects you to learn how to heal from Him to continue overcoming sickness and disease (agents of death and sin) so that the entire world is restored unto Him.

Is it YOUR Will to Heal, Father?  The “ayes” have it, indeed.


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Street Fighter strikes again. God’s used it to help me understand how to break down and overcome obstacles I’ve had in learning how to speak in tongues in the past and now this. This is for my gamers.

Learning how to access the gifts of healing of the Holy Spirit has been challenging. I have been learning through my children how to be persistent with it, though. It hit me this morning that before I got nice playing Street Fighter II back in the day, I had to fight through some tough losses. I didn’t quit, though. I was determined to master the game and humbly learned from my losses until I could play at the highest speed and difficulty levels.

Learning to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the same. It hasn’t worked every time but as long as I don’t just give up and stop, I will become more and more proficient at it. Ultimately, I (and YOU!) can discern the right approach by depending on the Lord to show us how to heal on earth according to what/how He is healing in heaven.  Press. Start.


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(What Street Fighter taught me as I learned to speak in tongues:

10.000 Tongues and a Lot of Lip!:

Heal the Land from the Coroners of the Earth


God truly is the God of agriculture. I have watched as my backyard has been transformed over the summer. I didn’t just watch, though – I had to put in physical AND spiritual work! Standing on and speaking to the promise of God to heal the land (2 Chronicles 7:14) over my little dusty plot, I watched as one corner of my yard began to get greener and fuller. Each week that I cut my grass, that little area in my yard gave me hope and stayed my faith when the rest of my yard was still looking all dead and ashy!

That is EXACTLY how the Lord has been trying to get us to heal the land that is this world since the moment He planted Adam and Eve into the Garden of Eden. Have dominion over it. Root out what’s ashy. Pull up the weeds and tares little by little Despise not small beginnings. The Kingdom of God is like leaven (yeast) in a lump of dough. It starts off small but when it is kneaded (word play on needed), it is infused throughout to impact the ENTIRE dough. Look at Israel itself. It is a small country but from this little strip of land, the ENTIRE world has and is continuing to be impacted. Your Kingdom come, Lord.  Advance the Kingdom of God from every corner of the world – take back the land from the coroner of the world.

‘And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.’ - Isaiah 11:12


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HOLD On… Just a Little While Longer


Over time, I am coming to understand and appreciate why God says “No.” Being that I work in a financial aid office at a private institution where tuition is $24K/year with optional housing averaging $12K/year, I have been given very good insight into how a restriction can, in fact, be a blessing from God Who has our best interests at heart.

We are an incredibly short-sighted people as compared to the vision of God. When we want something badly enough, that desire very seriously limits our sight such that we can barely see passed our own noses. Let me speak personally, I (emphasis added beyond the capitalization!) can’t see the forest for the trees when in the midst of acquiring my greatest desires. Though many times I can’t see this while going through my own processes, I can see it clearly when I am the one assisting my students.

We are in the grips of the FA14 HOLD season. Students who failed to assess their resources and costs to create a financial plan BEFORE enrolling here for fall are being restricted from entering into the spring semester where they are likely going to double what they owe unless they are made to stop to consider the costs. Students who have been blinded by their ambitions to be the next big thing in television, radio, fashion and the performing arts are coming into the office (after we’ve pursued them and presented ways to form strategies THROUGHOUT the summer regarding their plans) to talk to us now… in wonderment as to what their HOLD could be stemming from.

Students who had previous balances yet have been given extra grace and unmerited mercy have abused their chances to resolve said debts are getting caught in the middle of planning grandiose trips to study abroad while not having executed the plans we’ve put into place which let them register when they shouldn’t have.  Students are backtracking on what they promised to do  with selective memory regarding what they agreed to sacrifice in order to move ahead.

And wouldn’t you know it… I see the correlation in how I’ve dealt with them in how God is deailng with me! I have been job searching for my next assignment for the past 4 years. I’ve come across some great opportunities that have gotten me pretty excited. Many of the opportunities weren’t even the best fit for my situation but I would always get ahead of myself (or more importantly, get ahead of God) and begin to compromise what I’d asked God for in my next career move. I have been presumptuous. I have been desperate to leave where I am the same way that many of my students are desperate (even those living IN Chicago) to escape their present situation: desperate enough to even incur the $12K/year costs of staying on-campus when they could have just as easily (and cheaply) commuted.

But the HOLD… that HOLD. It brings things into perspective. It reins in unreal and unfocused goals. It forces students to stop avoiding us and as we come face to face to address the plans we’ve wanted to help them secure for months.

One’s circumstance can became crystal clear when you can’t move beyond a given threshold. The still small voice of reason becomes a little louder and easier to hear when your activity is limited. The thing is, all these elements are beneficial; yet in the middle of the holding pattern, it can feel unfair.

God, it’s unfair that I still have to commute this far to work. You see how I’m out of the house from 7am-7pm and how much my family could benefit from me leaving later in the morning and getting home sooner in the evening.

God, it’s unfair that I’m underpaid for the work that I do in YOUR name when I am more qualified than those I report to both in education and experience.

But my God… if I carried my flawed perspective(s) into the next level that He has already prepared for me… if I carried my limited resources into an equal or larger platform that He has PROMISED is waiting for me… letting me wander into it ill-prepared would do more harm than good.  Letting my have my short-sighted way would place me in a bigger vice than I am willing and/or able to see.  Letting me have my way for the sake of not disappointing me would merely delay what is already a guaranteed achievement.  Letting me do what I want when I haven’t learned what I need would be a disservice performed by a God Who is irresponsible. And my God is NOT irresponsible. I am not irresponsible.

I have been able to bring clarity to many a student all while giving them news they didn’t want to hear:  your HOLD must remain until your circumstance changes. Many more times than not, I have been thanked for taking the time to explain their account, how it got to where it is and how to resolve their issues so that they can get where they want to go.

If I am able to do this based on how I’ve seen these scenarios play out over my ~10-year tenure as a financial planning consultant, how much more has God made a plan for my peace and expected end (Jeremiah 29:12) based on His extensive experience over the span of an infinite existence: Whose thoughts are as high above my own as the heavens are above the earth (Isaiah 55:9)?

HOLD on, Lord… just a little while longer.  Perfect me for the prefect that is yet to come.  My change will come… my change will come!  Thank you, LORD.


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